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Losing a Child

  • A Grandparent's Sorrow

    byPat Schwiebert Your child is grieving the death of his or her baby and so are you. This booklet validates the multiple losses a grandparent experiences upon the death of a grandchild unborn or newly born. Especially written for grandparents who...

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  • Children Die Too

    by Joy and Marvin Johnson Product Information This comforting 16 page booklet offers insights and information about the feelings and experiences of grief that are often experienced by parents after a child has died. The authors suggest grief comes...

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  • Dear Parents

    Joy Johnson, Editor Product Information This supportive and informative book of letters to bereaved parents is written by fifty-two bereaved parents and nationally-known educators, authors and public leaders. They share feelings and information about...

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  • Goodbye My Child

    by Sara Rich Wheeler and Margaret Pike Product Information This gentle guide gives parents facing the death of a child much needed information. Here you will find help regarding end of life decisions, autopsy, planning a meaningful memorial service,...

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  • Help Your Marriage Survive The Death of a Child

    by Paul Rosenblatt Product Information When a couple experiences the death of a child is there any way they can hold safe, let alone nurture, their marriage relationship? Rosenblatt and the many couples he interviewed for this book think that while the...