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Helping Teens

  • GriefWork For Teens: Healing From Loss

    by Ester R.A. Leutenberg & Fran Zamore, MSW, ACSW   Reproducible Interactive & Educational Handouts Loss is a part of everyone’s life at some point. Each person reacts to a loss in a personal way. As well as the emotional response,...

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  • Helping Teens Cope With Death

    By  The Dougy Center Product Information This book is immensely useful. It is packed with clear, easy to read information for parents or other adults supporting grieving teens.  A special bonus in this book is the addition of helpful hints...

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  • Helping Teens Cope with Death DVD

      The Dougy Center This valuable film portrays six grieving teens in peer support groups. It provides helpful insight into the thoughts, feelings and changes that teens aften experience. An excellent resource for training purposes, for teens,...

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  • The Grieving Teen

    written by Helen Fitzgerald Writing not only about but also for teenagers, Fitzgerald adeptly covers a wide range of situations in which teens are grieving a death. Teens are guided from the sickbed to the funeral, from their first day back at school to...