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Children in Schools

  • The Volcano Model Manual

    The Volcano Model Manual

    by Ann Sparling White, MS, NCC, LPC   The Volcano Model Manual: How To Keep from Blowing Your Top When Everything Around You is Driving You Crazy Based on 33 years of work with grieving families, children and adults, this book and its Volcano...

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  • Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

    Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

      by Linda Rieger For grades K-3, this counselor's set includes child-friendly workbooks, one each in English and Spanish, as well as a 30 page English counselor's guide and a CD-ROM of the program for easy reproduction. The counselor's guide...

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  • Helping the Grieving Student

    Helping the Grieving Student

    from The Dougy Center An essential resource for elementary, middle, and high school teachers who encounter a grieving student. Drawn from stories, suggestions, and insight shared by grieving students and their families, this book explores practical tips...

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  • When Death Impacts Your School

    When Death Impacts Your School

    written by The Dougy Center This guide for school principals and other administrative staff is written from the extensive experience of The Dougy Center, a national center for grieving children and their families. The book is filled with detailed and...

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  • Adventure in the Land of Grief

    Adventure in the Land of Grief

    by Steve Dawson & Laura Harris Product Information Adventure in the Land of Grief gives an entirely new way to work with grieving children. The authors have worked with this process for years. Here it is available in a nine-week children's...

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