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Feelings/Emotional Literacy

  • The Volcano Model Manual

    The Volcano Model Manual

    by Ann Sparling White, MS, NCC, LPC   The Volcano Model Manual: How To Keep from Blowing Your Top When Everything Around You is Driving You Crazy Based on 33 years of work with grieving families, children and adults, this book and its Volcano...

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  • Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

    Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

      by Linda Rieger For grades K-3, this counselor's set includes child-friendly workbooks, one each in English and Spanish, as well as a 30 page English counselor's guide and a CD-ROM of the program for easy reproduction. The counselor's guide...

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  • What About Me?

    What About Me?

    written by Allan Peterkin What About Me? addresses the many complicated feelings and concerns of the well child who has a brother or sister who is sick. A sensitive helpmate to parents and children. Paperback, 30 pages.

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  • Sad Isn't Bad

    Sad Isn't Bad

    written by Michaelene Mundy This friendly guidebook gives children (and those who care for them) a comforting, realistic look at loss - loaded with positive, life-affirming helps for coping with loss as a child. It's a book that promotes healthy grief -...

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  • I Know I Made It Happen

    I Know I Made It Happen

    by Lynn Bennett Blackburn This is a gentle book about feelings that validates and comforts young children who are fearful that their thoughts, words or actions made someone get hurt or sick or made them die. It's a common difficulty children face as...

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  • A Terrible Thing Happened

    A Terrible Thing Happened

    Product Information Sherman Smith saw the most terrible thing happen. At first he tried to forget it, but soon something inside him started to bother him. He felt nervous for no reason. Sometimes his stomach hurt. He had bad dreams. And he started to...

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