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For Children

  • The Invisible String

    The Invisible String

    by Patrice Karst A mother's explanation of the invisible string of love, told to her thunderstorm-frightened children one dark night, brings them and the reader not only comfort in a dark or scary time, but under any circumstance, anywhere, anytime...

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  • Tear Soup - Book

    Tear Soup - Book

    written by Pat Schwiebert & Chuck DeKlyen Grandy has just suffered a big loss in her life. She is cooking up her own unique batch of "tear soup." She stirs in memories and meaning and discovers how to find just the right blend to bring comfort. A...

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  • Jack's Journey

    Jack's Journey

    by Laura Harris and Steve Dawson For individual reading or group use, Jack's Journey is the story of a boy who gets lost in the "woods" of his own grief. This adventure allegory, designed for children ten through teens, is the story of Jack,...

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  • What About the Kids?

    What About the Kids?

    What About the Kids? Understanding Their Needs in Funeral Planning & Services The Dougy Center By adulthood, most of us have known someone who died and have attended a funeral. But what is a funeral like for a child or teenager who...

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