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Helping Children

  • Adventure in the Land of Grief

    Adventure in the Land of Grief

    by Steve Dawson & Laura Harris Product Information Adventure in the Land of Grief gives an entirely new way to work with grieving children. The authors have worked with this process for years. Here it is available in a nine-week children's...

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  • After a Murder

    After a Murder

    Dougy Center Product Information This hands-on workbook reassures children that they are not alone with their feelings and confusion following a murder. Activities and word games are designed to help legitimize intense feelings and explain the...

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  • After A Suicide Death

    After A Suicide Death

    The Dougy Center For the thousands of kids who each year are affected by suicide here is an exceptional activity workbook. It offers children a way to externalize their feelings and to understand and normalize their grief experiences. Here children...

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  • Doggone Grief Board Game

    Doggone Grief Board Game

    Product Information We are pleased to introduce this excellent new resource designed to help children share their feelings about a special person who has died. Communication is the first step to healing. Players pick dog tokens and then roll the dice...

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  • Helping Children Grieve & Grow:

    Helping Children Grieve & Grow:

    by Donna O'Toole with Jerre Cory Here is our best selling booklet about children and grief. With colorful illustrations and large print throughout Helping Children Grieve and Grow is easy to understand and immensely useful. The information provided is...

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