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Losing a Child

  • When A Man Faces Grief

    When A Man Faces Grief

    written by James Miller & Tom Golden Here is example and insight into a masculine style of healing through the grief process - not a gender issue but a style. An excellent resource filled with practical ideas to help yourself and others heal the...

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  • Never Too Old For A Lullaby

    Never Too Old For A Lullaby

      by Juanita White This book validates the special experiences adults grieving the deaths of older children have. The author, who experienced the death of an adult son, realized there was a lack of understanding and written materials related to...

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  • Love Never Dies

    Love Never Dies

    by Sandy Goodman Although this is the story of a mother dealing with the tragic death of her son, it is for anyone struggling to make their way through the nightmare of losing someone they love. It provides an understanding hand to hold as you look for...

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  • Love and Remembrance

    Love and Remembrance

      by Margot Kenefick Burkle With this very special memory book parents, siblings, grandparents and others can record and keep sacred the special memories of a child who is loved and is not forgotten. Paperback, 28 pages.

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  • Goodbye My Child

    Goodbye My Child

    by Sara Rich Wheeler and Margaret Pike Product Information This gentle guide gives parents facing the death of a child much needed information. Here you will find help regarding end of life decisions, autopsy, planning a meaningful memorial service,...

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  • Dear Parents

    Dear Parents

    Joy Johnson, Editor Product Information This supportive and informative book of letters to bereaved parents is written by fifty-two bereaved parents and nationally-known educators, authors and public leaders. They share feelings and information about...

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