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Losing a Parent

  • Everett Anderson's Goodbye

    Everett Anderson's Goodbye

    by Lucille Clifton Product Information A young African American boy struggles to understand and accept his father's death. With the help of his mother, he remembers that love never dies, and his father will live in his memory. A simple but sensitively...

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  • I Heard Your Daddy Died

    I Heard Your Daddy Died

    by Mark Scrivani This book is for the child ages 2-6. It is a simple and helpful tool for family and caregivers to read to the child whose parent has died. Paperback, 16 pages.

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  • I Heard Your Mommy Died

    I Heard Your Mommy Died

    by Mark Scrivani A book to let children know it is okay for them to cry, be sad and also be happy and play. There are many ideas to encourage discussion and to help the child to remember their parent. Paperback, 16 pages.

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  • Molly's Mom Died

    Molly's Mom Died

      by Margaret M. Holmes A young girl, Molly, relates her experiences and feelings after her Mom dies. Children will find great comfort and understanding as she tells about her fears, anger, difficulties with school and friends, and warm memories...

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  • Sam's Dad Died

    Sam's Dad Died

    written by Margaret Holmes Sam explores his many feelings as he goes through his days at home and at school. Gradually he becomes thankful for the good feelings, love, and memories given him by his father. Paperback, 12 pages.

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