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Serious and Life-Threatening Illness

  • Anticipatory Grief

    Anticipatory Grief

      by Marty Hogan This concise booklet will help one to understand and normalize the painful, confusing feelings that my be experienced when anticipating the death of a loved one. It explains disbelief, anger, guilt, depression, stress and much,...

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  • Barklay and Eve - Explaining Cancer to Children

    Barklay and Eve - Explaining Cancer to Children

    by Karen Carney Product Information Barklay and Eve are dogs that talk. With drawings and easy-to-understand words they tell what cancer is, how it grows and is treated. Here children learn what to expect when adults they care about face cancer. ...

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  • Beyond the Rainbow

    Beyond the Rainbow

    by Marge Eaton Heegaard This book provides children a broad range of opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings related to their advanced-stage life-threatening illness. The book has a warm interactive quality to it. Through the creative...

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  • Compassionate Conversations: For Caregivers

    Compassionate Conversations: For Caregivers

    by Marty Hogan A guide to honest talks between caregivers and their dying loved one, this booklet will help with preparing to begin the conversation, how to ease into conversation, how to find the right words at the right time, what to do when...

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  • Final Business

    Final Business

      by Marty Hogan This small but detailed guide offers practical information about wills, power of attorney, personal records, funeral planning, veterans' concerns, Social Security, life insurance, death certificates and bank accounts. Includes...

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  • Hard Choices For Loving People - 6th Edition

    Hard Choices For Loving People - 6th Edition

    by Hank Dunn This excellent booklet provides up-to-date information on end-of-life decisions. It gives careful and informed guidance for facing and making the many critical choices of care when death is imminent or when a person is facing a...

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