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  • After A Death: An Activity Book for Children

    After A Death: An Activity Book for Children

      The Dougy Center This easy-to-use workbook is for children ages 5-12 who have experienced the death of a family member or friend. With a mixture of creative drawing and writing activities and tips for dealing with changes at school, home and...

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  • Someone I Love Is In Prison (Set)

    Someone I Love Is In Prison (Set)

      by Linda Rieger This much-needed work/activity set will help children in grades 3-6 deal with their confused feelings, understand the court/legal system, and make wise decisions about their own lives when a loved one is incarcerated. Included in...

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  • Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

    Something Scary Happened to Me: Counselor's Set

      by Linda Rieger For grades K-3, this counselor's set includes child-friendly workbooks, one each in English and Spanish, as well as a 30 page English counselor's guide and a CD-ROM of the program for easy reproduction. The counselor's guide...

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  • They're Part of the Family

    They're Part of the Family

      by Karen Carney When beloved pets die - a turtle, a dog, and a cat - children find special ways to express their sorrow and honor their pet's memory. Delicate issues such as sudden and accidental death, and veterinarian-assisted death are...

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  • Doggone Grief Board Game

    Doggone Grief Board Game

    Product Information We are pleased to introduce this excellent new resource designed to help children share their feelings about a special person who has died. Communication is the first step to healing. Players pick dog tokens and then roll the dice...

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  • When Something Terrible Happens

    When Something Terrible Happens

    written by Marge Heegard Terrible things sometimes happen to children. Traumatic events in the lives of their families, their friends or in the world leave children feeling confused, insecure and frightened. Sometimes these events happen in nature, like...

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